Your Dentist In Roswell Helps You Achieve A Healthy, Disease-Free Smile!

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They call gum disease the silent disease. It initially appears with quiet symptoms. As it develops, many of the symptoms are brushed off and ignored. But as your dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, we want to make sure you know that if allowed to proceed, gum disease is a serious health issue that affects your smile and overall health.

Did you know this startling fact? The American Academy of Periodontology reports that almost 50% of adult Americans over 30 have gum disease. Not all of them know it.

But what does it matter? Why are we so concerned?

Gum disease is an infection which causes inflammation that destroys soft and hard tissue – gums, tendons, ligaments, and bone – all which support your teeth and define your face. When these structures deteriorate, tooth loss will happen. And through research, we now know that serious systemic medical conditions are connected to gum disease. This includes diabetes, heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, cancers, dementia, and even Alzheimer’s.

And here’s a really interesting tidbit of information that’s particularly important during the COVID-19 pandemic… People with gum disease will have an over-taxed immune system which may reduce their ability to fight off concurrent infections. Getting healthy and staying that way may just give your body’s defenses their best chance.

That’s why your six-month (or more frequent) checkup appointments are so important. You can trust us at Roswell Dental Care to provide the very best preventive – defensive – care for your and your family’s smiles. If you have gum disease, even the smallest earliest sign of it, we’ll catch it and help you beat it with your own personalized treatment plan.

Why do people get gum disease? Bacteria in your mouth, primarily Streptococcus mutans, is the cause. When allowed to proliferate, the bacteria nestle in between your teeth and gums and creates pockets which are the ideal place for bacteria to multiply even further. We’ve all experienced it – the buildup of plaque that gives our teeth a fuzzy feeling.

What happens when you have gum disease? You may experience nothing at first, then swollen, tender gums, and some bleeding when you brush or floss. As the disease progresses, you’ll likely develop an unpleasant taste that you just can’t seem to be rid of. When the disease progresses unchecked, gums can recede, and tooth loss can occur as well as mouth sores.

The good news is that gum disease can be prevented. It takes 3 simple steps.

1. brushing for 2 minutes at least twice a day

2. flossing patiently once a day

3. keeping your regular recare appointments (hygiene & dentist check) with us at Roswell Dental Care, your dentist in Roswell!

We’re always here to help you avoid gum disease, but if it does sneak up on you, call us right away! We’re the experts who can help you take control and achieve your optimum oral health!