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Welcome to our Smiles Gallery. Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations. If there are any treatments here that catch your eye (or you’re contemplating one you don’t see), call us! We’d love to help you love your smile.

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Makeover #1 

Patient was concerned about the poor smile appearance and the darkened enamel and discolored filling on her front teeth.  Reconstruction included a full mouth makeover that included crowns on her posterior teeth and veneers on her 6 upper front teeth.

before and after makeover 1

Makeover #2

This patient had a root canal and crowns on her front teeth and a very gummy smile.  All of her crowns were discolored due to age and she wanted a new smile appearance.  She had a complete crowns and veneers and crown lengthening to restore her new smile.

before and after makeover 2

Makeover #3

Patient was unhappy with their smile.  He was entering the professional world and needed to improve his smile.  He opted to correct the crowding on both upper and lower arches with veneers after completing Invisalign orthodontic treatment

before and after makeover 3

Makeover #4

Patient wanted to correct the overcrowding and enhance her smile.  This was accomplished with veneers on her upper teeth only, as when she smiled, she rarely showed her lower teeth.  Patient was thrilled with the results.

before and after makeover four