Dental Crown & Bridge Treatment in Roswell : Transform Your Smile With Us

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  • Fill gaps in your smile caused by tooth extraction
  • Prevent the shifting of nearby teeth
  • Reduce wear on teeth surrounding an extracted tooth
  • Restore lost facial volume caused by tooth extraction
  • Prioritize your oral health!
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With incredible efficiency and beautiful esthetics, all of your 32 natural teeth are designed to help you chew and smile with incredible efficiency and confidence. At Roswell Dental Care, we’re thrilled that crowns and bridges were invented so that we can fully restore damaged and missing teeth to their maximum beauty and performance.

When you’ve experienced the loss of one or more teeth, at Roswell Dental Care in Roswell, we know that a restorative dental crown and bridge treatment may be your ideal option for rejuvenating your smile.

Not only does this restorative treatment boost your speaking, smiling, and laughing confidence, it improves your chewing function, replenishes lost facial volume, prevents shifting in nearby teeth, and with diligent care, a crown and bridge treatment can last for 10 years or more!