All-On-Four Implant-Supported Bridges For Your Beautiful, Functional Smile!

older couple curled up together and smiling

According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and almost 30 million are missing all of their teeth. If you have all of your teeth, you might shrug this off and say, “They can wear dentures, can’t they?” But with missing teeth, there is an invisible problem associated with tooth loss …

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Don’t Become The Victim Of A Sports Injury – Wear A Sports Mouthguard

Does your son or daughter play on a school sports team? Are you in a rec league? Listen up! Your preventive dentist in Roswell GA wants you to get the best protection for your precious smile – a sports mouthguard. Some things are out of our control … but what we can prevent is damage to our smiles caused by …

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Oral Health & The Mouth-Body Connection You Need To Know About

a woman holding a container of dental floss on one hand and wrapping floss around a finger on her other hand.

The Surgeon General’s Report on Oral Health in America highlights the importance of oral health and its impact on overall health. The mouth-body connection is one that can’t be denied. At Roswell Dental Care, patient-education is a cornerstone of what we do to keep our family of patients happy and in control of their dental care. In this blog, we’ll …

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5 Top Tips For A Terrific New Year From Your Dentist In Roswell, GA

middle aged woman brushing her teeth

With each new year, many of us tend to come up with a list of resolutions. The most common ones tend to revolve around health and personal finances. But what about your smile? We’ve all been guilty of failing to floss or rushing our brushing routine. With these top tips from your dentist in Roswell GA, your entire family can …

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Prevent Teeth Grinding Damage With A Nightguard In Roswell, GA

a woman is holding her jaw in pain

Your tooth enamel is the strongest substance in your entire body. This strong but brittle tooth layer is made up of 96% mineral content, but that doesn’t make it invincible. In fact, if you’re among the estimated 13% of people who suffer from teeth grinding or teeth clenching (bruxism), you could be causing serious damage. At Roswell Dental Care, as …

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Restoring Your Smile After A Tooth Extraction

Last month, we blogged about the reasons you may need a tooth extraction. As your dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, we also have ways to restore your teeth if your tooth extraction left you with a gap in your smile that changes how well you chew, speak, and feel around other people. Another consideration is that spaces left …

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A Tooth Extraction Primer – First In A 2-Part Series!

As a dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, a tooth extraction is one of the most common procedures we do besides regular dental hygiene care and thorough oral health checkups. And while we’ll always do our best to treat your tooth to save it, there are many reasons why pulling one or more teeth may be necessary, depending on …

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Get the Care You Want & Need! We Accept Most Dental Insurance Plans

As a dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, we don’t want anyone to put off their dental care because they don’t think they can afford it. Whether you have dental insurance coverage or not, we want you to be able to book your next appointment with confidence. In the dental industry, we know that people with dental insurance benefits …

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Ask Your Dentist In Roswell: Inlays Or Onlays … For Your Smile?

Have you ever heard someone mention dental inlays and onlays? If not, that’s OK! Many people are unfamiliar with this restorative treatment … until they visit us at Roswell Dental Care, their dentist in Roswell. Some background … Gold inlays were primarily used to restore tooth structure affected by decay. Nowadays, they are used the same way but are available …

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Are You A Candidate For Dental Implants In Roswell?

At Roswell Dental Care, your dentist in Roswell, we believe everyone deserves to experience life with a complete, healthy smile. That’s why we provide restorative dentistry, including dental implants – a revolutionary way to replace missing teeth. Because of this treatment, many people like you are proudly showing off their new and improved look and enjoying the everyday benefits of …

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