Cosmetic Dentistry In Roswell – Top Treatments To Help You Smile With Confidence

Cute couple smiling and snuggling

Once only for the stars in Hollywood, cosmetic dentistry in Roswell is now an attainable dream for all. At Roswell Dental Center, we can fix many smile concerns with proven techniques designed to restore the beauty and function of your smile. All of our cosmetic dental treatments start with a smile analysis. It’s actually something you already do every time …

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Partial Dentures – Are They Your Ideal Smile Solution?

Couple senior couple snuggling and smiling

Dentures – Are They Your Smile Solution? As your dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, we provide partial dentures that can help restore your natural appearance and your ability to eat and speak. For many people, dentures remain the treatment of choice for missing teeth. Dentures are removable, custom-fitted replacement teeth that are crafted from strong, durable materials like …

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Your Dentist In Roswell Helps You Achieve A Healthy, Disease-Free Smile!

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They call gum disease the silent disease. It initially appears with quiet symptoms. As it develops, many of the symptoms are brushed off and ignored. But as your dentist in Roswell, at Roswell Dental Care, we want to make sure you know that if allowed to proceed, gum disease is a serious health issue that affects your smile and overall …

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Dental Veneers Can Restore An Imperfect Smile

Middle-aged couple smiles to show their dental veneers

Time and age can take their toll on our smiles. After all, our teeth get plenty of wear every day. With today’s dentistry techniques and technology, our dentist in Roswell at Roswell Dental Care can restore chipped, cracked, broken, or discolored teeth … and make your smile look better than ever – with dental veneers! Veneers Can Disguise The Tooth …

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Teeth Whitening In Roswell GA For Your Most-Beautiful Smile

A smiling bride and groom with beautiful white teeth

Start smiling with white teeth – with teeth whitening in Roswell GA! Have you ever noticed that the bad guys in movies always have stained, yellow teeth while the heroes have a glamorous, gleaming smile? White teeth have long symbolized youth, vitality, wealth, and power – on screen and in real life. Why are we so conscious of other people’s …

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Dental Implants – A Reliable Solution From Your Dentist in Roswell GA

a 60-something couple embracing and laughing while showing off beautiful, complete smiles

Would you like to look younger, speak more clearly, and enjoy a wider selection of foods? Have you been wearing the same dentures for more than 10 years? Would you like to avoid the bone loss that is inevitable with the loss of even one tooth? Then dental implants from Roswell Dental Care, your dentist in Roswell GA – permanent …

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Your Roswell GA Dentist Has An Important Message From Their Hygiene Team!

Woman swishes with mouthwash

At Roswell Dental Care – your Roswell GA dentists – we practice what we preach. Proof positive of our commitment to optimal preventive oral health care are our wonderful registered dental hygienists. Their goal is to help you to achieve and maintain the optimal oral health that supports a beautiful smile, through diagnostic assessment, prevention, and education. Here’s how your …

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Your Dentist In Roswell GA Can Stop Your Jaw Pain

a 30-something woman holding her jaw and temple in pain

If you clench your jaws, grind your teeth, or have an unbalanced bite, eventually your chewing muscles can become fatigued, shorten, and go into painful spasms. Pain that originates in your jaw joints (TMJ) can spread to your temples or the back of your head and trigger migraines. It can also cause chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain. Fortunately, as …

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All-On-Four Implant-Supported Bridges For Your Beautiful, Functional Smile!

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According to the American College of Prosthodontists, approximately 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth, and almost 30 million are missing all of their teeth. If you have all of your teeth, you might shrug this off and say, “They can wear dentures, can’t they?” But with missing teeth, there is an invisible problem associated with tooth loss …

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Don’t Become The Victim Of A Sports Injury – Wear A Sports Mouthguard

Does your son or daughter play on a school sports team? Are you in a rec league? Listen up! Your preventive dentist in Roswell GA wants you to get the best protection for your precious smile – a sports mouthguard. Some things are out of our control … but what we can prevent is damage to our smiles caused by …

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