What is Opalescence®?

Opalescence® is an award-winning professional whitening treatment that has proven successful and long-lasting results.  It is only dispensed by your dentist.

How does Opalescence® work?

opalescenceOpalescence® offers three ways to brighten your smile.  There is an in-office procedure call Boost which is a 40% hydrogen peroxide power bleaching gel that whitens the teeth is less than one hour in the dental chair.  It is chemically activated, so it starts working as soon as it is placed on your teeth.  It does NOT require a hot, uncomfortable light for efficacy.

The second option is the customized take-home whitening gel that offers sustained whitening power in the comfort of your own home.  Opalescence® gel comes in syringes and is delivered via custom-made trays.  It also includes potassium nitrate and fluoride to help reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel.  It is available in Mint, Melon, and Regular flavors.

The third choice is  Opalescence® Go which comes in prefilled disposable trays in two concentration levels.  Its enhanced tray design is more adaptable and comfortable as it conforms to your individual smile.  The molar to molar coverage ensures the gel has better contact with all your teeth.

All of the Opalescence® options are only available through your dental professional.

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