GLO Science Tooth Whitening

Controller_New_Mouthpiece_Lit_PNG_largeOne of the first things people notice is your smile!

Many of the foods and beverages we consume dull the whiteness of our teeth and smiles. Fortunately, teeth whitening is the most popular method for brightening your tooth enamel and contributing to your smile’s overall appearance.

Our Roswell dental office offers the latest dental technology and most common dental practices such as this innovative GLO Science Teeth Whitening for our patients who are looking for a comfortable and more efficient way to whiten their teeth to contribute to their beautiful smile.

What is GLO Science Teeth Whitening?

G.L.O. (guided light optics) Teeth Whitening Device illuminates with a brilliant blue light as it gently warms, accelerating the hydrogen peroxide gel to lighten your tooth enamel.

How does it work?

The kit comes complete with Whitening Gel G-vials, an ultra-hydrating mint flavored GLO Lip Treatment, and a convenient USB charging port.

Because our patients are able to take home this amazing whitening kit, they experience longer lasting results than other methods. This system is known to be gentler and result in less tooth sensitivity upon completion of treatment, which is a major concern of patients who inquire about tooth whitening.

When using the GLO Science Teeth Whitening system, our patients will have one 30 minute whitening session in our office that will lighten your teeth up to five shades brighter, then receive the take home kit.

What the kit includes:

  • GLO Teeth Whitening Device
  • GLO Whitening Mouthpiece and case
  • 10x GLO Whitening Gels (g-vials)
  • USB power plug (universal)
  • GLO Lip treatment

At Roswell Dental, we offer a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures, most popular being teeth whitening for the improvement of your smile. For more information about GLO Whitening System, contact our Roswell dental office today!

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